Stedman's GI & GU Words

Stedman's GI & GU Words 1.0

Affordable resource for busy medical transcriptionists
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The latest edition of this popular resource features an expanded index section with images, sample reports, common terms by procedure, normal lab values, herbal treatments for GI/GU conditions, and drugs by indication.

It's the essential and affordable resource for busy medical transcriptionists and medical language specialists who need fast, easy access to the most common -- and hard to find -- terminology. And with Stedman’s Word Books on CD-ROM, your hands never have to leave the keyboard, saving you valuable time.

Stedman’s GI & GU Words, Fifth Edition on CD-ROM, combines all of the content of the print version with the power of interactive electronic media.
* An easy-to-use interface for faster look-up and greater productivity
* Wildcard search for when you can’t remember the exact spelling of the word
* Copy and Paste functions to move information from one document to another
* Appendix filter function to quickly access the full content of the print appendices
* NEW to this edition! Introducing the LWW Ready Reference Bookshelf, a robust application that will deliver all of your Stedman’s references—including all future versions of Stedman’s Word Books on CD-ROM and Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference—in a single location for even faster lookup and easy cross-referencing. No more searching through multiple applications to find the information you need!

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